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Choosing a Dublin Hotel

Some have asked me about Dublin hotels, so I am putting together a list and some information for you. What Part of Dublin Should You Stay In? I recommend you stay in central Dublin, so you can walk anywhere you want to go.  Where might you want to go?  Assuming […]

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Your Arrival in Dublin

Based on my communications with several people going on the tour, is likely you will arrive in Dublin the day before the tour starts.  That seems to be what everyone is going.  That is a good plan, by the way, as it gives you a day to get acclimated and […]

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Introducing Roben Bellomo

I want to introduce you to my partner in putting together this tour.  His name is Roben Bellomo and he is a professional photographer in Carmel, Indiana (near Indianapolis).  He will be joining me on our 2024 tours.  Why should you care?  I’m glad you asked. Roben is an outstanding photographer, and […]

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