Some have asked me about Dublin hotels, so I am putting together a list and some information for you.

What Part of Dublin Should You Stay In?

I recommend you stay in central Dublin, so you can walk anywhere you want to go.  Where might you want to go?  Assuming this is your first visit to Dublin, you will probably want to check out Trinity College (the Book of Kells, in particular), Dublin Castle, Temple Bar, and Grafton Street, and all of these are packed into one discrete area in central Dublin.  Therefore, that is where my hotel picks are.  Luckily, there are a lot of hotels to choose from in this area.

Here is a List of Potential Dublin Hotels

I have listed prices for summer of 2021.  Most hotels do not start booking until about a year ahead of time, so I cannot list prices for September of 2022 yet.  Let these prices be something of a rough guide for now, and I will update these as the Dublin hotels start taking bookings for September 2022.

  • Jury’s Inn Dublin Christchurch – 4 Stars at $158 a night.  The upside of this place is that it is cheap and I can personally attest that it is reasonably nice, having stayed here before.  I’m not sure I would call it 4 star, but it was fine.  It is a little bit of a walk to the main sights, but not bad at all.  If you just want to get in and out of Dublin cheaply, this is a good choice.
  • The Clarence – 4 Stars at $181 a night.  In addition to the low price, the key attribute to this one is that it is right on the River, and centrally located.  It also has a nice bar.  It is rated at 4 Stars, but as with the previous that might be a stretch.  Still, great location and looks nice.
  • Hyatt Centric The Liberties – 4 Stars at $202.  American style but slightly quirky hotel at a great price.  The location is a little further out than some of the others, but definitely walkable to all the sights.  The price is right for a very nice hotel.
  • The Wilder – 4 Stars at $224 a night.  This one’s location isn’t as great as some of the others, but it looks to be a true 4 Star quality place at a good price.  9.6 guest rating on, which is outstanding.  The rooms might be a little small, but they also offer single rooms (which are even cheaper), which might make this a great option for some of our single travelers.  Beautiful bar and eating areas.
  • The Brooks – 4 Stars at $224 a night.  Pictures look very nice and it gets a 9.2 guest rating too, which is strong.  The key upside to this one is that it is very centrally located.  It has one of the best locations of any hotel on this list.  This is a strong contender, in my view.
  • The Morgan – 4 Stars at $226 a night.  The upsides are that the price is right, and it is right in the heart of Temple Bar.  Looks very nice, if a little antiseptic.
  • The Fleet – 4 Stars at $248 a night.  This is a another very nice hotel in the heart of Temple Bar.  From the reviews, noise and stairs might be an issue, so if you are sensitive to either of those you might avoid it.  But if you are looking for a night in Temple Bar this might be the best choice.
  • The Fitzwilliam – 5 Stars at $260 a night.  I included this on the list because it is a 5-star hotel for a reasonable price.  It gets a 9.0 guest rating, which is very good.  It is right off St. Stephens Green, so the location is really nice as well.  I really don’t know anything about it personally, but with 5 stars in a great location I don’t think you can go wrong.
  • Conrad Dublin – 5 Stars at $268 a night.  I didn’t know it when I stayed here, but this is a Hilton property.  Very nice American style hotel, with decent location.  Location is decent, just south of St. Stephen’s great, but not ideal.  I would definitely go back, but I’m not reaching for it either.
  • Radisson Blu Royal Hotel – 4 Stars at $273 a night.  Very nice American style hotel not far from the sights.  This is one I have stayed at before so I can attest that it is very nice.  I probably won’t stay here this time, given the other options but it is a good place.
  • The Westbury – 5 Stars at $305 a night.  This is a bit of a splurge, and it is the most expensive on the list, but it really isn’t a bad price.  This is a 5 star hotel just off Grafton Street, across from the historic McDaid’s pub.  It is in the heart of everything.  I have personally stayed here and it is super nice.  9.4 guest rating on  Worth the mild splurge, if you are so inclined.
Remember that since this will be before the tour starts or after it ends, it is outside what is covered by your tour fee, which means it is on your nickel.  That’s one reason I’m being pretty price sensitive here.
Hope this helps.  If you find others and/or have any questions, just let me know.

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