Ireland Surety Tour

Itinerary for the 2023 Ireland Trip

Here is the general itinerary of our trip to Ireland.  Hope you like the looks of it. After having been to Ireland several times and seen the reactions of those I have brought with me (about 40 people at this point), these are the things I think you’ll like the […]

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Recommended Flights

Flights to and From Ireland In the event you would like some guidance on picking your flights for our 2023 Ireland tour, I put this page together for you.  It has some basic information about the peculiarities of flying into and out of Ireland, and some recommendations of specific flights.  […]

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Hotels for the 2023 Surety Trip

Good news – all hotels for the 2023 Ireland tour have been reserved.  Here is an introduction to each of them. (None of these are my pictures, by the way.  I just posted them here so you could see what these places look like.) Killarney International Hotel (Days 1 – […]

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