Good news – all hotels for the 2023 Ireland tour have been reserved.  Here is an introduction to each of them.

(None of these are my pictures, by the way.  I just posted them here so you could see what these places look like.)

Killarney International Hotel (Days 1 - 4)

First up is the Killarney International Hotel.  This hotel is in the heart of everything in Killarney.  Killarney is tourist-central in Ireland, and that’s a good thing as they have everything and they are just good at it.  We will use this as a home base to tour Killarney National Park and the Ring of Kerry, among other things.

In addition, all our surety friends will still be here following the cycle around the Ring of Kerry.  

Additional Information about Killarney International:

Dingle Skellig Hotel (Days 5 - 6)

From Killarney we will move on to the town of Dingle and stay at the Dingle Skellig Hotel.

Dingle is everyone’s favorite town in Ireland, and Dingle Skellig is the nicest hotel in Dingle.  Nuff said, I think.

Additional Information About Dingle Skellig:

Park House Hotel, Galway (Days 7 - 8)

You cannot beat the location of this hotel.  The traditional heart of Galway is Eyre Square, and this hotel sits just off it.  There are literally dozens of restaurants, shops, and pubs within easy walking distance.  

The hotel is nice without being fussy.  We stayed here on our last tour and everyone really enjoyed it.

For Additional Information About The Park House Hotel:

Ballynahinch Castle Hotel (Days 9 - 10)

Next up is the Ballynahinch Castle Hotel.  It is in the Connemara region of Ireland, which is particularly remote and beautiful.  Here, you’ll be able to do anything from salmon fishing to boat tours of the coast to just exploring the groups (which you won’t want to leave).

But the best part of Connemara is Ballynahinch.  I don’t want to oversell it, but this will be the best hotel of the trip, and should end up being one of your favorite hotels ever. 

Speaking of Ballynahinch activities, here are some pictures of a few of them.

They include salmon fishing, a tour of the coast (including a stop at an abandoned island), walking the extensive grounds, which include a riverwalk, a walled garden, manicured gardens, and forest.

Additional Information About Ballynahinch Castle Hotel:

The Gresham Hotel (Day 11)

We now return to Dublin for our final day of the trip.  We’ll stay in the heart of Dublin, right on O’Connell Street. This hotel is easy walking distance to restaurants, shops, and the best pubs in Dublin. 

Additional Information About The Gresham Hotel, Dublin:

Hope you like the looks of these places.  If you have any questions about them, just let me know.

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