Flights to and From Ireland

In the event you would like some guidance on picking your flights for our 2023 Ireland tour, I put this page together for you.  It has some basic information about the peculiarities of flying into and out of Ireland, and some recommendations of specific flights.  You don’t have to take these flights, and we can work around your schedule to do whatever is most convenient for you, but these are the flights that work best with the tour as I have put it together.  Hope you find it helpful.

Ireland's Two Airports

There are two main airports used for going to Ireland from the US.  The first is, of course, Dublin.  The upside of flying into and out of Dublin is that it is the largest and has the most number of flights.  You can fly direct here from Dallas.  The downside is that it is a 4 hour drive from Killarney, where we will be starting our tour.

The other airport is Shannon (SNN).  It is on the west coast and is much closer to where we will start our tour (only about 2 hours from Killarney).  It is a smaller airport though, and usually means a layover, even from Dallas.

For this trip, I recommend flying into Shannon and out of Dublin.  The cost is the same  as if you fly in and out of the same airport.  That will put you close to the starting point of the tour when you fly in.  It will also allow us to spend a day in Dublin at the end of the tour before departing.

I have taken a look at flights both from DFW and from AUS, which is where everyone will be flying from.  Here are the flights I recommend you take for this tour:

American Flights from Dallas


Depart on 7/1/23 (arrive the next day on 7/2/23) at 3:15 pm, arriving Shannon at 11:20 am.  There will be s stop in London (Heathrow).  Here are the specific flights I recommend you take:

  • AA 50 from DFW to LHR, departing 3:15 pm and arriving at 6:25 am
  • AA 8059 from LHR to SNN, departing at 9:50 am and arriving at 11:20 am

Return Flight

Return on 7/14/23 from DUB to DFW at 1:00 pm – 4:45 pm (AA 133).  This is a direct flight.

United Flights from Austin


Depart on 7/1/23 (arrive the next day on 7/2/23) at 5:24 pm, arriving in Shannon at 10:05 am, with the individual flights being:

  • UA 324 from AUS to EWR at 2:45 pm – 7:44 pm
  • UA 976 from EWR to SNN at 10:45 pm – 10:05 am

Return Flight

Return on 7/14/23 from DUB, connecting in Newark, then onto Austin, with individual flights as:

  • UA 22 from DUB – EWR at 9:20 am – 11:35 am
  • UA 481 from EWR – AUS from 12:30 pm – 3:31 pm (there are later flights if this connection is too short).

Arrival and Departure Logistics

Arrival in Shannon:  When you arrive in Shannon, we will pick meet you at the airport at baggage claim.  I will have our driver waiting outside in our van and he will get your luggage squared away.  From the airport, we will head straight to Killarney to get you checked in to the hotel.

Departure from Dublin:  For your departure from Dublin, the easiest way to get to the airport is via cab.  There is a cab stand just outside our hotel on O’Connell Street and there are always cabs there.  In any case, we will have one reserved for you.  You clear US Customs in Dublin, so you will need to arrive at the airport 3 hours ahead of your flight.  We will make sure you are in a cab to the airport with plenty of time to spare.

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