When you arrive in Paris, you should not have any trouble navigating the airport and getting to your hotel.  The airport is similar to airports in the U.S. and is well marked.  To make sure everything is clear though, I have made a quick video walking you through it.

Likely you will arrive in terminal 2A.  When you do, you just follow the signs to “Bagages” or Baggage.  This is true whether or not you actually checked a bag.  It will take you to the Customs counter, where they will stamp your passport and let you in.

After that, you continue on to Bagages or Baggage to collect your luggage.  You then head for the “Sortie” or Exit.  Along the way, they will check your luggage in an x-ray machine.  From there you just exit.

I recommend you get some Euros at the airport.  There is an ATM near exit 6 across from the Currency Exchange.  You never know when you will need a little cash.  You might actually need it for the cab, as many of them are cash-only (and it costs about 60 Euros to get into central Paris).  

Once you have your cash, go to Exit 8, which is where the cab stand is.  If someone approaches you offering you a cab, ignore them and move on.  Authorize cabs are only at the cab stands, and while I’ve never used one of the unauthorize guys trolling around the airport, there are many stories online of people being overcharged by them and having bad experiences.

Most people in Paris speak English, but some cabbies don’t.  If you don’t speak French, my advice to you is to have your hotel’s name and address written on a small piece of paper and hand it to the cab driver.  It will save you an awkward start to your journey.  From there, expect about a 45-minute cab ride to your hotel in central Paris.

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