Come with me to France in 2024 as we visit and photograph the City of Light and other exciting parts of France!

  • May 19 – 26
  • 8 days / 7 nights in Paris.
  • All admissions and meals included.

Check out this page then contact me at 817-879-5739 or with questions or to reserve your spot.

Viva la Paris!

Day or night, you will find Paris to be one of the most photogenic – if not the most photogenic – cities in the world.  It is celebrated for a reason!  After photographing there many times, I want to show you the best places.  The best sites, the best food and drink, and the best places to get amazing pictures!


We’ll be going to Paris at the perfect time.  In May the temperature should be very nice (average of 69 degrees), but not yet hot.  The days will be long so there will be a lot of daylight for us.  Perhaps best of all, we’ll go before the real tourist season starts, so we should avoid most of the crowds!  


The Best Pictures of Your Life

Whether you are a novice photographer or a seasoned pro, you will come home with photos you treasure, which you can turn into heirlooms for your home or office.  I will take you to the best places at exactly the right time and show you how to capture these scenes for maximum impact.


Fun and Adventure

In addition to capturing great photos, you will have a great time on this trip.  We will hit all the highlights, but avoid the long lines and the stress out of getting around.  The food and drink will be incredible.  As a special bonus, we’ll take a trip out to the incredible Mont Saint Michel!


Luxury and Comfort

This trip will also include a taste of luxury.  You will stay in first-rate accommodations.  You’ll enjoy amazing dinners in local restaurants.  This trip is made for you to bring your spouses and significant others.  They too will have the time of their lives.


The Best Locations

This is a custom-designed tour designed to get you to the best places at the best times.  We’ll hit the biggies – the places you have to go on any trip to Paris – but we will also go to less traveled places I have scouted on prior trips.  There are amazing places to photograph in Paris, but you have to know where to look.


The Right Times

For photographers, our itinerary is designed to have you in the best spots near sunrise and sunset, of course.  You’ll learn all about photographing in different lighting situations.  Note that non-photographers are totally welcome, and generally enjoy sleeping in and having breakfast rather than getting up early! 


Improve Your Photography

For photographers, this is an unparalleled opportunity that I guarantee will improve your photography.  How could it not?  You’ll be immersed in photography for a full week.  You’ll have one-on-one access to an instructor, known for a simple, easy to understand style of teaching. 

Paris France Itinerary

Here is a preliminary schedule for the trip to Paris.  The final schedule should be very similar to this, but there could be modifications based on availability and other factors.  I don’t have space for all the amazing restaurants and other places we’ll be, so this is just the photography highlights!

Day 1:  Intro to Paris

After checking in, we’ll get started by heading to the Latin Quarter and taking in that scene.  After that we will head to the incredibly French Rue Cler district for food and drink, then find ourselves on Champ de Mars taking in the Eiffel Tower, before heading off to dinner.

Day 2:  More Highlights

Did you know that you can go up into the Arc de Triomphe?  You can, and most people don’t realize that.  Some of my best pictures have been taken there.  We’ll also tour the Musee d’Orsay, which many consider Paris’s best museum.  We’ll conclude our day with some shots of the Eiffel Tower from the Trocodero.

Day 3:  Marais

Today we will tour the Marais district, one of the best parts of Paris.  While there, we will visit the Pompidou Museum, which also affords fantastic views of Paris.  We’ll also photograph the opulent Opera Garnier.  We’ll cap off the day with perhaps the best sunset views in all of Paris!

Day 4: Versailles

We’ll take a day trip today – to the fabulous palace of Versailles.  We’ll arrive when it opens to get the cleanest pictures possible as well.  

Day 5:  Louvre

Today we will take in the Louvre.  You can either check out the highlights – like the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo – or look at everything.  When you are done, just wander over to the Touleries and visit this amazing outdoor garden, followed by relaxing at an outdoor cafe where we will have saved you a spot.


Day 6:  Mont St. Michel

This will be a day you will never forget.  Today, we will head out to Normandy and photograph Mont St. Michel.  This is a 1000-year-old abbey that turns to an island at high tide.  You can climb to the abbey or just photograph it from the surrounding sand.  It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and if there was a ranking of top photography sites in the world, this might top the list.  (Lest you think that is an overstatement, check out the picture at the bottom of this page, or Google it to see for yourself!).  (Note: we may spend the night here as well!)

Day 7:  Montmartre and the Seine

For our last full day in Paris, we will spend it among the artists in Montmartre and also visit Sacre Couer.  We’ll conclude with a dinner cruise along the Seine, which provides a different perspective of Paris.

Day 8:  Final Images

We will catch some early morning shots and work on editing your photos.  After that, we will depart, whether that be headed home or continuing your travels.

Just the Facts

What:  Photography Tour of Paris, France
Where:  Paris, with day trips to Versailles and Mont Saint Michel
Length:  8 days, 7 nights
When:  May 19 – 26, 2024
Cost:  $4,995 per person
Deposit:  $750 per person
Included:  Hotel, all meals, all admissions, and in-country transportation.  So, basically, everything but your airfare, souvenirs, and bar tab!

For additional information, call me at 817-879-5739 or email me at

Cost of This Tour

Total cost is only $4,995 per person.  That includes all accommodations in a first class Paris hotel.  It will also include all meals.  You’ll receive a full breakfast each morning, a light lunch, and then full dinners at amazing restaurants in Paris.  It also includes all admissions and we’ll take care of all transportation on the tour.

Even better, the cost for your spouse or significant other – sharing a room with you – is discounted by $500 so it is only $4,495 for them.  If you are solo and want your own room, that’s no problem either, there is just a $1,495 single supplement to cover the extra room charges.

You only need to pay $750 per person up front to get rolling.

Payment Made Easy

One of the great things I have discovered lately is  how to make affording your dream trips painless.  (Check out this article for the idea.)  That’s one of the reasons we are setting this trip so far out in the future.  You can spread out the payments so you never have to come up with a large chunk of money.  Just pay your deposit of $750 per person and then we’ll put together a monthly payment plan that fits your budget.

Is This Tour for Photographers?

Not necessarily.  I always made my tours friendly for spouses and non-photographers as well.  However, I have been surprised that many couples with no real interest in photography have come on my tours and it has been great.  This tour is a great way for you to see France and have someone else do all the planning and legwork for you.  Plus you have professional photographers taking pictures of you instead of just doing selfies.  The only difference between photographers and non-photographers on this tour is that non-photographers might choose to sleep in and enjoy a nice breakfast while the photographers are out capturing sunrise pictures.  After that, we are all doing the same thing anyway!

Connection to Paris

For the last several years, I have photographed in Paris almost every summer.  We previously went to Paris as part of family trips and because both of my daughters took French in school.  However, in the last few years, my wife started doing the Rallye des Princesses, a 5-day historic auto rally across France that starts out of the Vendome in Paris.  Because of that, I was able to get to Paris each May and photograph it.  During that time, I’ve been able to take in most of the sights multiple times, enjoy the cafe culture, and get comfortable with the city.  Having done so, I hope to pass along that familiarity to you and at the same time help you get some amazing pictures.

Come Experience Paris!

May 19 – 26, 2024

8 days / 7 nights in France

All admissions and meals included

Interested?  Have questions? 

Just email me at or call me at 817-879-5739.